na zum glück sieht mein Foto als icon nicht ganz so scheiße aus…

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Me and Dean at HobbitCon ZWEI!!!

Yeah i know, i have a really weird face on this photo. And Dean looks like “OMG WTF she doing?”

But this face of Dean is his Miley Cyrus face. When I went to the photo session I asked him to make a MIley Cyrus face and he asked me “What is a Miley Cyrus face?” I show him a “Miley Cyrus” face. And yeah that’s it xP

my conversation with Peter Hambleton

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Dean and Adam reenacting a Fili/Ori marriage proposal at HobbitCon 2014 (x)    major props and cred to dwarfsmut who smuggled this video out of hobbitcon thank u ♥




favourite moments at HobbitCon [4/a lot]

Stephen and Dean doing impressions of Aidan Turner during the fanfiction panel and Bombur ‘felt strangely aroused.’

Give me the Hobbitcon Drei —Basically everyone right now (via lateforerebor)

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Me and Franzi aka Dean O’Gorman-Daily with Dean while holding a piece of paper with the inscription “Dean O’Gorman-Daily.tumblr” His face is so priceless on this picture with us. (really, i want to puke rainbows & unicorns.) After the session I signed this photo at the autograph session. When i gave him this photo I say to him: ” Oh god, don’t look at me, I looks so horrible” and he says: “Oh no dear, you look wonderful, look at my face”. And he writes: ” to Alexandra Keep up the good work” - Dean xx

Me and Stephen Hunter at HobbitCon ZWEI! OMG he is such a nice dude.

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Title: UnknownRaise Your Glass (Explicit Version)
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Get the HobbitCon ZWEI Blues…

What did I know? I thought it was just a book, just a story. Just a movie. And then I came here. I saw the love and the hope in your eyes, and I finally understood that it was a fantasy. And you, you have made it a reality. — Ken Stott, at HobbitCon 2014 Closing Ceremony (x)


favourite moments at HobbitCon [3/a lot] (video by filitheknifeless)

and here it is:



Graham via twitter


i just want a pretty face and nice clothes